This invitation would lead me to becoming ordained as a minister, consolidating so many paths I've walked, and ultimately to the birth of Something New: Officiant and Accompaniment Services.

My name is Jodi Hall, Rev, PhD. I expect to be a licensed wedding officiant in the province of Ontario by mid-late March 2018 (paperwork submitted). I am an ordained metaphysical minister, which aligns most closely with my spiritual foundation and extending practices: inclusion, diversity, celebration and appreciation for the myriad of religions and beliefs we hold, and a quest for deepening our understanding of life's purpose.

I bring with me into each client interaction, a lifetime's worth of experiences accompanying people through some of life's most sacred transitions.

Since 1996, I have walked with an array of individuals & families as a full-spectrum doula, assisting them to make choices, sometimes difficult, oftentimes joyous, surrounding their family and partnerships. As a college professor, and trauma counselor for almost 15 years, I have traveled the world, from various countries within Africa, to the Arctic, Thailand, Caribbean Islands, throughout Europe and Australia. This travel has introduced me to ceremony and customs practiced around the world, leaving me with a profound sense of reverence for the diversity of traditions, beliefs, and spiritual and religious practices. I have witnessed the power of ceremonies to bring together individuals, families & communities in celebration and healing alike.

I serve all partnerships in planning a ceremony that reflects their uniqueness, and I believe in ceremonies to honour all relationships; with a strong commitment to serving LGBTQ2+ partnerships, unions and wedding ceremonies. It is every person's right to determine their family, and I happily walk beside each unique individual that chooses me to be a part of their journey.

Whatever the ceremony or occasion, you should feel affirmed & honoured. Rest assured, I will work with you to achieve the right feel for your special day.